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World in Conflict’s multiplayer server software is now open source

world in conflict open source multiplayer

Ubisoft have a very special Christmas gift for you would-be multiplayer server engineers this year, as they’ve gone and made the server software for 2007 alt-history RTS World in Conflict open source.

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The official Massgate servers were shut down in 2016, but the folks at Massgate.org have been keeping World in Conflict multiplayer up and running ever since. This release should help to expand those community efforts, by giving them increased access to the underlying technology of the original servers.

“The code itself is more or less the same as how the code looked like back when the game is released,” says the official GitHub. “Only minor tweaks have been made to make it build on a relative modern compiler and to remove the necessity to manage CD-keys. Not much of the code has survived into later releases done by Massive Entertainment and does not really reflect to code of the company today, apart from the code standard and the general look and feel of the code. As a piece of game development history, and for anyone interested in how online servers were written at the time, it can definitely be a point of interest.”

To be clear, this is the server software and not the game itself, but World in Conflict just so happens to be free as part of Ubisoft’s Happy Playdays promotion (along with a couple of other major titles from the publisher). You still have a handful of hours left to claim the free game through Uplay.