Indie puzzler World of Goo gets a free remaster a decade after launch

World of Goo is getting a major free update

World of Goo was one of the highlights of the early indie boom, and there’s a pretty good chance it’s wound up in your collection somewhere in all that time, whether through a purchase, a bundle, or a giveaway. It’s going to look a lot nicer next time you launch it, as its developers are launching a free update that essentially remasters the game.

“To be super clear,” the developers say on the official site, “there are no new levels, no new characters, no new battle royale deathmatch mode. This is just a gentle remastering we did for fun.” The update will roll out to the various platforms where the game is available over the course of the next handful of days.

The framework powering the graphics has been replaced, which will allow you to run on modern machines at more varied resolutions without issue. The game now runs at 16:9 by default instead of the original 4:3, and the UI and graphical improvements in more recent releases like the Nintendo Switch version are being brought to PC as well.

Original art has been overhauled for modern resolutions through a combination of upscaling tools and hand-tweaked images. It should look better than the original stuff – intended for 800×600 screens – but you’ll also have the option of turning to the original graphics.

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The game’s save files and other assets are also now unencrypted, so if modders are suddenly interested in returning to World of Goo after all these years, it should be more open to various tweaks. All these changes will be available regardless of whether you’re playing on Windows, Mac, or Linux.