World of Tanks’ Grand Battle is a new 30 vs 30 game mode

Grand Battles

World of Tanks is introducing a new 60-player game mode, along with a new map to host it. Grand Battles will be introduced to the game as part of update 9.20.

World of Tanks is one of the best tank games on PC.

Grand Battles bring with them a lot of new content. The game mode itself is part of the player base’s long-held desire for bigger battles with more tanks. It’ll only be available for tier X tanks, and will take place on the game’s new map, Nebelburg, which measures 1.4 x 1.4km.

Grand Battles also offer players a new form of currency. Bonds, which you recieve in return for playing the new mode, can be spent on directives or new equipment to “supercharge” your experience.

In a press release, Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks’ marketing director, says, “Bringing World of Tanks battles to a whole new level is a really exciting step for us. We received some invaluable player feedback during our tests and are now ready to share the new mode with the community. We’re positive Grand Battles will offer an absolutely fresh experience for our players.”

The new mode isn’t the only change coming to World of Tanks. The press release goes on to say that the second ranked season beta will start in September, and that the update also brings nine new Chinese tank destroyers.