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World of Tanks is advertised a bit differently in Japan


Why is everything better in Japan? The trains are nearly always on time, they have square watermelons, there are cafes filled with cats. KFC is considered a typical feast on Christmas Eve and sleeping at work is absolutely fine – it’s viewed as a sign of exhaustion from too much work. 

This is without mentioning the adverts, which are always about a thousand times better than any I’ve ever seen in the UK. World of Tanks just started an advertising campaign in Japan and it’s a bit, erm, well – just have a watch, yeah?

Brilliant. And we complain about trailers that aren’t representative of gameplay. Imagine the uproar if that trailer was released over here, in a country where people complain about every type of weather. It would be hilarious.

There’s also an island on Japan that’s full of rabbits. Basically, take me to Japan, yeah? Anyway, I’m off for a kip – all this news writing is really tiring.