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World of Tanks patch 9.16 says hallå to the game’s first Swedish tank

World of Tanks' first Swedish tank

The first Swedish tank is rolling into World of Tanks in update 9.16. The Tier VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. might not be as iconic a Swedish export as ABBA, but it is the game’s the first Premium medium tank of this tier with a drum-type autoloader, and it also comes fitted with the “well-known turret from the French AMX-13 light tank series”. Not as well-known as ABBA, granted. 

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“We already announced the new vehicle branch for further updates, and we’re happy to introduce the first Swedish tank,” said Thaine Lyman, World of Tanks product Director. “It features pretty good mobility and an oscillating turret with an autoloader, and it is well-suited for levelling up your first Swedish crew and earning some extra credits.”

That’s not it for Sweden, though – they’re just getting started. In fact, there are 19 more Swedish tanks coming to the game later this year, so watch the horizon for rolling tank tracks.

Outside of Sweden and over to France, the game’s Paris map is getting Random Battles in the new update. The map recreates famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Seine River bank, Théâtre national de Chaillot and districts of Haussmannian buildings.

There are also a couple of little quality-of-life tweaks in there, too. The first of which is improved sounds, with the range of sounds for high calibres broadened, while sound indication for damage received has been enhanced. The improved audio should give you a better sense of impact, so you’ll know when you’ve been hit hard.

Another tweak sees in-game minimaps updated, with 30 higher quality maps released. In addition, the UI also features a range of improvements, and you can now do a bunch more stuff in the Garage, all detailed on the official site.

For a better look at the first Swedish tanks, head over to the World of Tanks site.