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World of Tanks unleashes respawnable tanks in Domination event

World of Tanks Domination

When a shell makes a massive hole in the side of your tank in World of Tanks, it’s game over. Towed off to the scrap heap, it’s up to the other commanders on the battlefield to secure victory. Not this month though. June sees the Domination event take hold of World of Tanks, and in these bombastic 10 minute battles, respawn keeps every commander permanently in the game. 

Domination games are based on victory points. Capture flags on the map to earn points, and earn more points that your rivals to win. To stay in the game you can use resupply points to reload your tank with ammunition and repair your hull. Should you run out of ammo at a crucial moment though, there’s only a short respawn timer between you and revenge.

All battles in Domination are fought with Tier 10 vehicles: the AMX 50 B, the Object 140, and the T110E5. Everyone gets to use them, so if you’ve never commanded such a powerful tank, now is your best chance.

The Domination event will last for the month only, so be quick to take advantage!