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World of Tanks update 1.0 will overhaul graphics and audio, here’s a playable demo

World of Tanks update 1.0 wot encore

World of Tanks, a game I’ve been writing about since roughly 2011, is hitting version 1.0 next year, presumably in some sort of ‘hold my beer’ situation with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Rather than a major gameplay rework, it’s a full overhaul of the graphics engine and totally new music and sound for every map. In doing so they’re also changing 25 maps to be up to standard, which likely involves a few hardcore-focused gameplay changes as well.

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Specifically, the entire graphics engine is being replaced by the “advanced CORE graphics engine.” What that means for you and me is a “staggering difference from the game [as it is today]” according to development director Milos Jerabek. Wargaming also promise that it won’t have any adverse effect on game performance, which is quite the claim given the differences:

That’s the Lakeville map, which has been in the game for as long as I can remember, and once you actually have it side by side you can really see the upgrade. With the heights and structures of buildings all changing there will almost certainly be new tactics on every map that’s touched. Here’s another part of Lakeville:

And one of Prokhorovka, a more open map and area:

On the sound front, each map will now have its own main theme, changing dynamically based on what’s happening on the map. 40 musicians were involved with making sure each felt unique and representative of the battlefield it’s paired to.

Wondering how all this adds up? Wargaming have put together a special demo to give you the look ‘n’ feel before it all launches some time in March 2018. It’s called World of Tanks enCore 2018 and you can pick it up over on the main site.