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Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is coming to World of Tanks, Warships, and Warplanes

Dunkirk Wargaming

Wargaming are partnering with Warner Bros. to develop some tie-in content for Dunkirk, the upcoming wartime thriller from movie director Christopher Nolan. As with the movie, it will be based on true events from the second world war. 

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Wargaming’s free-to-play games are built around authenticity, so no doubt the partnership will be a respectful one. The movie centres around the historic events of the ‘Miracle of Dunkirk’, in which Allied forces escaped the advancing Germans in both military and civilian vessels, all as a battle raged around them.

“We believe Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will be an unforgettable film about one of the most momentous endeavours of World War 2,” stated Erik Whiteford, head of marketing at Wargaming America, “and we are honoured to be in a partnership with a creative endeavour that shares our passion for honouring and preserving the incredible events that define that era.”

Here’s the movie trailer:

Just as Winston Churchill vowed to fight the oppressors on the sea, in the air, and on the land, there’s new stuff coming to all three of Wargaming’s main games: World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and World of Tanks.

For those taking part there will be a series of new missions. On completion, you’ll be rewarded with unique emblems for your efforts. The movie is out on July 21, but there’s no news on a release date for the in-game stuff yet. For now, you’ll have to make do with the trailer above.