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In Battle for Azeroth you can make your Orc stand upright with a trip to the barbers


World of Warcraft’s Orcs have always had the slouch of a 14-year-old boy at his mother’s crochet class, but in Battle for Azeroth you will have the option to fix that unsightly hunch.

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According to a datamine by Blizzard fan site Icy Veins, Orc players can change their Orc’s posture at the barbershop (come chiropractor) in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion. That’s right – upright Orcs.

Your Orc no longer has to slouch. They can stand tall and proud.

Here’s what the upright Orcs look like:

Credit: images via Icy Veins

And here’s the original Orc slouch for comparison:

Icy Veins also revealed the option to alter your Orc’s posture should also be added to the character creation screen in the future.