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If you work at Blizzard for five years you get this massive sword

Blizzard logo

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked some pretty terrible jobs before I ended up in the wonderful world of videogames. At most places, you’d be lucky to even get an email from your boss for a work anniversary.  

Ignore your job and spend your life instead in our list of the best MMORPGs. 

At PCGamesN, we all got an unlimited cinema pass for Christmas, which is by far the coolest thing a company has ever gifted me. It’s also the only thing but that’s besides the point.

Anyway, even that’s got nothing on working at Blizzard. If you work for the Overwatch, WoW, and HotS developers for five years, you get this:

As promised, this is our 5 Year Service Award at Blizzard – This thing is one of my favorite possessions, you know, incase of zombies…

Yep, it’s a massive flipping sword and it is cool as heck. It even comes with an expensive-looking wall mount and there aremore rewards if you stick around. I want to work at Blizzard now.