Blizzard to scrap World of Warcraft’s Death Knight level requirement

World of Warcraft Death Knight

Many moons ago, Blizzard released the Wrath of the Lich King expansion to World of Warcraft, and along with it a new class: Death Knights. They were a special sort, being dubbed as a “Hero Class” due to their unique ability to start the game at level 55, which back then was a big thing. The only hitch was that you needed to already own a character that was over that level, before you could even think about creating one.

Now though, as time has passed, Blizzard have seen it fit to remove that arbitrary requirement.

The reasoning behind the update is simple. “With availability of the level 90 character boost, we feel the requirement to have a character level 55 or higher to unlock the Death Knight as a playable class is no longer relevant.” said community manager Nethaera. “The plan right now is to remove the limitation sometime next week, at which point players will be able to start a new Death Knight (which still begins at level 55) without first having to reach level 55 on another character.”

While this will mostly benefit brand new players entering the lands of Azeroth, they’ll need to wait a bit longer for this change make it into the game. “Upon looking into making this change, we discovered that a few client-side adjustments would need to go through in order for it to work.” Nethaera stated. “Therefore, our new plan is to remove the level 55 requirement for Death Knight creation in an upcoming content patch.”

That content patch will presumably be the introduction of the Blackrock Foundry raid early next year, or Patch 2.1 at the latest.

Do you think there will be any new hero classes in future expansions?