WoW Dragonflight alpha build shows off potential class abilities

The latest World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha build has been datamined, giving us a sneak peek at some of the new abilities coming to various classes

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Every World of Warcraft expansion adds a new bag of tricks to every class toolset, and Dragonflight will be no exception. So far we’ve not had official previews of all the classes yet, but the canny data miners at have uncovered various new spells and talents. Assigning these abilities to classes is to some degree speculative, as some of the talents could be gained from sources other than the new talent trees, but it’s interesting nonetheless. For the full list check out the Wowhead detailed breakdowns, but for now lets run through some of the latest new abilities to be uncovered in the second alpha build for Dragonflight.


The second alpha brought in some interesting new goodies. All specs have access to Dauntless Duelist, a talent that targets the first enemy you hit, boosting your damage and nerfing their damage.

Blood and Thunder, a reworked talent from Warlords of Draenor, is sure to be a hit among Protection Warriors, a powerful talent that spreads Rend to all targets hit by your Thunder Clap.

For Arms, Bloodsurge lets you generate rage from Bleed effects, and the Fury spec has gained Pulverise; an ability that buffs Onslaught and extends the duration of Enrage.

All specs can also access Thunderous Roar, a conal, bleed-inflicting AoE; and Sidearm, which gives your auto-attacks a chance to chuck weapons at nearby enemies.


Only a couple of new abilities this time round for the protectors in plate, and both are for the healing specialisation. Sacrifice of the Just reduces the cooldown of the Holy spec ability, Blessing of Sacrifice. Seal of Clarity adds a 1% proc to spending holy power, which reduces the holy power cost of Word of Glory or Shield of the Righteous.


Most of the new abilities this time are for Arcane mages, but there are some other specs serviced too. Harmonic Echo, the covenant ability which buffs the AoE of Radiant Spark, is making its return as a mainline ability. Arcane mages will have their Arcane Blasts and Barrages buffed by new talents Concentration, Prodigious Savant and Arcane Bombardment. Meanwhile Fire mages get a Pyroblast buff with Tempered Flames; and Tinder (not that one), which buffs your Fireball if you haven’t cast one in a while.

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