World of Warcraft’s Legion pre-expansion patch brings new battles to familiar haunts

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Update 19 Jul, 2016: The patch is here and the groundwork laid for Legion.

With only a few weeks left before Legion storms into the World of Warcraft, it’s time for the ceremonial pre-patch to start bringing in those hot new features.

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Blizzard have released full, well-annotated patch notes for the Legion pre-expansion updateover on the site. Besides changes to gear transmogrification there’s a revamped PvP progression and honor system, plus ability and mechanical tweaks for every single class and specialisation. Worth a browse if you’re intending to hop back in to refamiliarise yourself with Azeroth before the new expansion burns it to the ground once more.

Original article 17 Jul 2016:Blizzard have set forth the arrival date for Legion’s pre-expansion patch as July 19, where many of the system-related improvements coming in the set will be added.

Among them are updates to Transmogrification, making it easier to sort through gear without taking up inventory space, and Classes, with an overhaul of spells and talents for most of the game’s core archetypes.

Outside of quickfixes and systems revamps, some content will be rolling out on the road to August 30 when Legion finally arrives in full, and the first of these will be Burning Legion Invasions.

The demons of the Burning Legion will turn many normal areas into battlegrounds for players to fight through, signalling the coming of the rest of the Legion when the Broken Shore is finally assaulted by the full horde.

The new class, Demon Hunter, will also be made available for pre-purchasers no later than August 17 around the world, and more likely in the second or third week of August.

For a bit more information on the pre-expansion patch, see Blizzard’s post about it.