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Watch us Return to Karazhan in World of Warcraft and beat up some bosses

Let's play WoW

World of Warcraft continues ever onwards. A new patch was released this very week, adding a brand new, massive dungeon for players to explore. Return to Karazhan is a remix of the Karazhan raid from The Burning Crusade, released back in 2007. Dungeon design has progressed rather significantly since then, so it’s a bit different, and made for five players rather than ten. Ben’s been there and is back with tales (and footage) of his escapades.

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Here you’ll find WoW noobie Phil being introduced to the wonderful world of tanking, boss killing, healing and why you shouldn’t let undead butlers take off all your clothes by Ben. Meanwhile, Ben won’t be defending his playstyle, UI or talent choices, but will give you 5,000 words on why he’s right about the Dark Souls thing.

See how far we manage to get, whether Phil is convinced to join the ranks of the indoctrinated and just how many attempts it takes one group of five people to destroy a giant stone woman.

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