Take the best selfie in World of Warcraft and win a trip to Blizzcon

WoW Selfie

Blizzard are well known for jumping on the fun wagon and getting players to engage in friendly competitions, but these are often in the form of competitive tournaments. Their latest bit of fun is a little different: it’s all about making sure your selfie game is on point. 

The WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt requires you to pout for the camera in a variety of spots each week, and the grand winners will bag themselves a trip to Blizzcon this November. 

The cute trailer above gives you the general idea, but you’ll need to head to the WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt website for the full rules. Basically each week a new selfie taken by Blizzard will be uploaded, and you’ll have to find that exact location and take your own selfie there. Submissions each week are eligable for weekly prizes such as Blizzard branded gear, Battle.net codes, and an iPhone 6. Entering every week increases your chances of nabbing that grand prize of two tickets to Blizzcon in November.

So make sure you’re looking your absolute tip-top best, pull out your fanciest armour, and aim that S.E.L.F.I.E cam at your face. (Or just hit Print Screen. Up to you.)