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The Warcraft movie's new trailer has fighting, CGI and questionable music


There's a new Warcraft movie trailer out and it's basically a bunch of fight scenes stitched together and backed with some dodgy music that thirteen-year-olds probably love.

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You know the setup for the MMO-turned-movie by now: the orcs and the humans need to team up to take down an incoming threat, but they just can't stop hitting each other for five minutes.

The new trailer doesn't really reveal much new, though there's a glimpse at the beginnings of a cross-species relationship, which is nice. Is this going to be Romeo and Juliet via Lord of the Rings?

Other than that, there's mainly just loads of fighting, and it's all backed by some dubstep-style bwarps. Yes, bwarps. 

Have a watch of the new trailer below:

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What do you lot reckon to the new trailer - Phwoarcraft, or Borecraft?

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MrJinxed avataram0eba avatarKirk McKeand avatar
am0eba Avatar
2 Years ago

I can't leave this uncommented: The track is "The Day is my Enemy" by The Prodigy, and it's not dubstep. It's a pretty good track, outside of the Warcraft movie trailer context.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

Ah, cheers for that! I quite like The Prodigy ordinarily, but it really doesn't suit this trailer at all. I did say "dubstep-style", though, not that it actually was dubstep. It's those bwarps.

MrJinxed Avatar
2 Years ago

wow, that music was... bad.