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WoW: Shadowlands new Torghast dungeon will change every time you run it

Blizzard has given new details on the Torghast dungeon in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, which will change all the time.

World of Warcraft’s new expansion Shadowlands has been revealed, and in the deep dive panel at Blizzcon today we got a lot more information on the major new dungeon coming to the game – Torghast.

Paul Kubit, senior game designer on WoW, took to the stage to give all the details on this new dungeon – which will apparently change constantly, and won’t be the same experience twice. It’s set in the Maw, the netherworld’s prison of damned souls, and you have to journey through the Maw to reach the tower of Torghast – where you’ll face the Maw’s Jailer and their minions.

Most interestingly, as you cause problems within the Maw and Torghast, the more the Jailer will watch you – and eventually will start sending his forces after you, depending on your actions.

More to follow.

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