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10,000 unique World of Warcraft characters made up Blizzard’s record-breaking diorama

Battle of Lordearon

Blizzard set the world record for the world’s biggest videogame diorama at BlizzCon this weekend. The immense ‘Battle for Lordaeron’ depicts the battle between the Horde and Alliance seen in the new Battle for Azeroth cinematic.

World of Warcraft’s next expansion is Battle for Azeroth.

If you’ve not already seen the cinematic, you can check it out above. It sees Alliance leader King Anduin take on the Horde forces, led by Sylvanas, in an epic battle outside the walls of the capital city of Lordaeron.

The diorama might have taken place on a slightly less-grand scale, but it’s still very impressive. Each one of the 10,000 figures used is based on the in-game character of a player attending BlizzCon. That’s thousands of unique figures, each one meant to represent a real World of Warcraft character. Attendees could use the BlizzCon app to try to pick out their figure amongst the throng, as it would tell them where on the battlefield they were located.

The number of figures in play is the most ever in a videogame-themed diorama, earning Blizzard a Guinness World Record for their troubles.