“Formalised” versions of Legion’s Mythic Dungeons are coming to Battle for Azeroth

After their introduction in World of Warcraft's Legion expansion, Mythic Dungeons are returning to the game in Battle for Azeroth


Blizzard is hoping to “formalise” one of the most popular features introduced to World of Warcraft in its last expansion. As well as some world-changing story beats, Legion, the expansion released before Battle for Azeroth, introduced Mythic Dungeons, and the developers are planning to continue to develop them as the current expansion progresses.

During a presentation at Gamescom 2018, lead environment artist Ely Cannon said that “Mythic Keystone Dungeons were one of the most popular features we added to the game in Legion. We got a lot of positive feedback, and we want to continue doing them for Battle of Azeroth.”

If you liked the Mythic Dungeons last time around, you’ll be glad to know that there’ll be minimal changes. In fact, Cannon says that “instead of making major changes, what we’re doing now is we’re going to formalise the concept of the Mythic Dungeon season, and we’re going to line it up with the raid, and the PvP season, because we see this as a very legitimate third option for endgame gear and progression.”

That means that every season will be matched up with new rewards, tied to recent content. For the first season, that means you’ll get something based on the first raid, which will go live at the same time as the Dungeon itself. If this proves to be your preferred method of progressing, you’ll also be pleased to know that the item level of the gear you can get will be improved to keep it competitive during PvP.

The first Battle for Azeroth raid, Mythic Dungeon season, and PvP season, will all begin on September 4, at the same time as the RTS style Warfronts season.