WoW guild Serenity quits raiding after members defect to rivals Method

Serenity logo

One of WoW’s top raiding guilds is no more. Following consistent rumours about their raiding roster, Serenity have finally decided to close up shop after four of their core raiders defected to their rival, Method.

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Formed after splintering off from Method, the largest WoW raiding guild at the time, Serenity began racing for world firsts following the end of Warlords of Draenor. Since the launch of Legion, Serenity has been in constant contention for achieving a world first, almost achieving a Mythic clear on Nighthold before they were beaten by Russian guild Exorsus.

Their break-up comes after four of their core raiding group actually rejoined with Method, in time for the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras raid. According to former Serenity member Fragnance, “Method is a more capable and stable guild than Serenity could ever be,” with his former group having “too many problems on [the] road to world first.”

In a statement following the sudden departures, Serenity GM Kuznam detailed some of the issues the guild was facing going into Legion, with an unstable roster being the main reason why they couldn’t keep up with other guilds. Kuznam himself has decided to “officially retire from the game”, as Serenity never really reached their goal of getting a world first.

With Serenity now out of the picture, the race for world first on Tomb of Sargeras is now just between Exorsus and Method. The raid is at least a couple of months away, so we’ll see if any more former Serenity members also return to Method to try and get that elusive world first.