World of Warcraft is adding sanctions for abusive players

WoW legion mount

A series of chat sanctions are heading to WoW to take care of abusive players. The Silence Penalty, as the sanctions are called, will hopefully shut them up long enough for them to consider their actions in future. 

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When a player is reported multiple times for being an absolute halberd in chat, either by being abusive or spamming, Blizzard will investigate and find out if the complaints are valid. If they are, Blizzard’s duct tape comes out and gets slapped across the offending player’s virtual lips.

Anyone who’s found to be in violation of common decency will be stopped from talking in Chat and speaking on global channels that can be auto-joined, banned from creating calendar events or invitations, barred from sending party invites, War Game invites, duel invites and even updating or making lists for pre-made groups.

In fact, all these duct taped players can do is whisper to people on their friends list, take part in Raid chat with invited players, speak in moderated global channel chat and sign up for pre-made groups.

These sanctions will last for 24 hours for first-time offenders, but every time you re-offend it will double. For the full rundown, head over

World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Legion, is due to launch at the end of August.