The WoW Arena World Championship 2017 will be open to any who want to sign up

World of Warcraft Arena Championships 2017

Blizzard are promising an exciting year for eSports in World of Warcraft, with the WoW Arena World Championships 2017 boasting a decent prize pool, open signups, and spaces for more teams. 

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This year, Blizzard are holding extra qualifier cups in both North America and Europe, so more teams will have a chance to make their mark. Signups are completely open, so you just need to register interest to have a shot at fame and glory.

The top eight teams will be broadcast live, and there’s a prize pool of $6,000 each.

To advance, teams can earn points via Online Arena Cups, so the teams with the most points qualify to their regional LAN event. Teams can sign up to compete in as many cups in their region as they want. Additionally, approved community-run events can also award points.

Here are how the points are allocated to each team:

Online Arena Cups

  • 160 – 1st
  • 80 – 2nd
  • 36 – 3rd
  • 20 – 4th
  • 12 – 5th

Approved Community Events

  • 40 – 1st
  • 20 – 2nd
  • 12 – 3rd
  • 8 – 4th

Check the official Blizzard post for more details.

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