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The WoW Classic beta lets you play from level one to 30 starting tomorrow

WoW Classic's closed beta will give players a taste of nostalgia very soon

Blizzard has given us a pile of new information on World of Warcraft Classic, including the fact that it’ll finally release this August. But you won’t have to wait quite that long to start playing for yourself – the WoW Classic beta goes live tomorrow, May 15. This is a closed beta, and Blizzard says it’s pretty limited in scope, but there will be more chances to play heading into the WoW Classic release date.

You can opt in for the beta at the official site. When the beta launches on May 15, players who’ve gotten in will be able to play all the way from from level one to 30. WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas tells us that the beta will be “uncharacteristically small compared to our expansions,” in part to ensure that the focus is on the proper launch this August.

The content of the beta may expand or shift over time as the developers look for feedback on specific points, and we may similarly see more “focused tests on specific pieces of content as needed.”

In addition to the beta, stress tests will also begin this month, and will continue to run through July. You can opt in for those at the same link above.

You can find out much more on what to expect in our full WoW Classic interview.

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WoW Classic officially launches on August 27. It aims to be the WoW you remember from back in the day – just with the added benefit of modern infrastructure and proper Battle.net integration.