WoW’s Demon Hunter class will be playable August 9, a few weeks before Legion’s release

WoW Legion invasion

World of Warcraft’s new playable class, the Demon Hunter, will be available on August 9, just before the Legion expansion releases on August 30. 

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Not only will Demon Hunters be playable from August 9, but that’s when the Demon Invasions will be kicking off. There’s not much point in having Demon Hunters without demons to click on, is there?

Demon Hunters will start at level 98 and will be able to immediately access Legion when it lands a few weeks later. You do need a level 70 character on the same realm to make a Demon Hunter, however, so keep that in mind.

At least there will be plenty of time to gather transmogs, level up some professions, do your fishing dailies and, of course, live through that wonderful garrison experience for the final time. Oh me, oh my, who could turn it down?

You can see the release date announcement 15 minutes into this Q&A: