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World of Warcraft bot Honorbuddy has been discontinued after a six-year legal battle


Honorbuddy is no more. Following legal losses in Germany and the US, the bot’s developers, Bossland, have discontinued sales of Honorbuddy and other tools.

Honorbuddy won’t be around to see it, but World of Warcraft’s next expansion is Battle for Azeroth.

Honorbuddy is a World of Warcraft bot that players could use to automate pretty much anything in the game. Bossland maintain it provided no discernible advantage, but can be used “to empower players with less time than others to enjoy the game.” Despite their assessment, however, Blizzard disagreed, and in April 2017, Bossland were ordered to pay $8.6 million for copyright infringement.

In a statement issued by the developers, they say the legal dispute, which has rumbled on over the course of six years, has left them with no choice but to discontinue sales of Honorbuddy, as well as some of their other services, including Lazymon, Buddywing, and Hearthbuddy, which were bots for Pokemon GO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Hearthstone, respectively. Current services will last until December 31st for players who currently own licenses.

Bossland’s statement goes on to say “It saddens us to close these services, but the recent advancements from Blizzard’s side are only possible because of their decision to compromise the privacy of their players,” claiming that “while WoW runs, the game is continuously scanning the user’s computer with the capability to send back exactly which applications the user is running.”

Some of Bossland’s other services, including a second Pokemon GO bot and Rebornbuddy for Final Fantasy 14, are currently still active. Bossland say further decisions concerning their future will be made next week. We’ve reached out to Bossland for comment.