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A solo WoW player just beat one of the hardest raid bosses in the game

wow mionee guldan solo

World of Warcraft’s raid bosses are not designed for solo players, hence the whole ‘raid’ thing. Beating Gul’dan on Normal isn’t a challenging task – for a reasonable group of ten players. But raid boss soloer extraordinaire Mionee isn’t exactly known for being reasonable when it comes to self-imposed challenges.

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Mionee has gone and beat Legion’s third raid boss completely solo, a feat that strictly speaking shouldn’t be possible. I’ll leave the details to the post on Wowhead, but suffice to say that Gul’dan’s health is such that this mathematically shouldn’t be possible. Yet some smart workarounds of enrage timers have allowed Mionee to do it, without even technically taking advantage of any exploits.

It’s an impressive feat, and the successful attempt took Mionee an hour and nine minutes, though they say the real challenge doesn’t start until 42:30 so it’s really only a 27 minute battle. That’s still 27 minutes of harrowing challenge with a 40 minute warm-up, though, so I’d say it’s worth acknowledging.

You can watch a full, expedited version of the fight above. Mionee’s YouTube channel is full of all kinds of similarly impressive feats, from other solo WoW bosses to ridiculous stands in bullet hell games.

We’re liable to see even greater challenges for boss hunters in the next WoW expansion, which is almost certainly going to be announced at BlizzCon in a few weeks.