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The Owen Wilson “WoW!” mod now lets you replace any sound in World of Warcraft


There is a World of Warcraft mod that enables you to add sounds to “just about anything.” That’s cool in itself, but it started out as a WeakAura (a type of extension that WoW players use to customise their UI) that replaced critical hits with Owen Wilson saying – appropriately – “Wow!”

Catch up with the state of the game with our notes for World of Warcraft patch 7.3.5.

You can view the hilarious results in the embed above, and download the original Owen Wilson Crit Sound mod here.

The updated version – named Custom Audio – adds a truckload of new functionality. Among the things you’ll be able to do, should you choose to download it, are:

  • Add sounds to specific spells
  • Add sounds to specific spell events (e.g. on cast start/fail/success, on damage/healing dealt)
  • Ability to set ‘official’ and custom sound packs to random or sequential file play
  • New ability to set a ‘crit’ trigger, allowing you to have sounds trigger on crits only, non-crits, or always
  • Add sounds to combat events (e.g. enter/leave combat, killing blow)
  • Add sounds to looting events (e.g. open/close loot window, looting an item)
  • Add sounds to incoming chat messages (options include a timeout to prevent spamming and ignore your messages)
  • Add sounds to movements (jumping, forward, backward, strafe, etc)

The mods are the work of Sweetsour who has included a tutorial in the updated version. You can download Custom Audio here, and no doubt many WoW fans will create some hilarious memeworthy content like replacing the iconic “run away, little girl, run away!” with John Cena’s entrance music. Or something.

Go forth, and go viral.