WoW Race to World First ends in Legendary drop, but it’s expensive

As Echo slays Fyrakk and walks away as the WoW Race to World First's victor, the cost to craft the new Legendary drop has stunned fans.

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Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope has been conquered: Echo walks away as the victor of the latest WoW Race to World First. As a reward for stopping Fyrakk in his firey path, the squad were lucky enough to obtain the raid’s Legendary drop, Fyr’alath, the Dream Render – but the cost to craft it has proven divisive.

Upon defeating the MMORPG‘s new top tier raid boss, Echo has earned itself the Fyr’alath, The Dream Render; a two-handed axe. While it’s exciting to see what World of Warcraft‘s newest Legendary item looks like, players have been quick to criticize the price of its myriad crafting materials – which are currently totalling close to $100.

As Echo’s Marc ‘Meeres’ took to Azeroth to discover the item’s secrets, players were quick to notice just how many crafting materials you need to fully complete it. There are three different components to the axe: Erden’s Glowspore Grip, Lydiara’s Binding Rune, and Shalasar’s Sophic Vellum, each of which have up to five different rare resources you’ll need to combine.

According to u/LateyEight, buying these items on the Auction House will currently cost around $73 – no doubt a result of clever merchants realizing their items are now in demand and whacking up the price.

A second post on the official WoW forums claims that crafting the item will currently set you back 1.1 million gold – with a quick glance at WoW Price Hub confirming that items like Awakened Fire and Shadowflame Essence have seen spikes since Fyr’alath dropped. “Better get your credit cards,” Voidarcane warns.

An image showing the total cost of the new WoW Legendary weapon Fyr'Alath

While, on one hand, given the sheer scale of the weapon (that Shadowflame damage is going to hurt), I can see why Blizzard wants players to really grind for it instead of just buy the items in-game. $73 is a whole lot, though – and I have a feeling the prices, including Leatherworking and Inscription services – will be on the rise for some time. Right now, I’m just thankful my Inscription is at a decent level.

While we wait for the hype to die down and, in turn, for materials to drop in price (no Auction House Black Friday deals here, I’m afraid), it’s worth checking out our WoW Dragonflight tier list to see which spec is best to equip Fyr’alath on when you finally get it.

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