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One WoW player is going to speedrun to level 60 by killing boars, like in South Park

Wow South Park

Update January 16, 2018: It’s one thing to work out how to get to level 60 in World of Warcraft, but it’s something else entirely to speedrun it. That’s why one player is going to speedrun to level 60 by – get this – killing boars and nothing else, just like in South Park.

A player in one of World of Warcraft’s best raid group DDOS’d his teammates to secure himself a spot in the latest raid.

The speedrun is being attempted by ianxplosion, and starts today, once patch 7.3.5 drops, as it changes how areas scale in level compared to your character. He’s going to stream it all on Twitch, which you can find below – as he announced on Reddit yesterday.

The reason he’s doing it is to “find [his] happy” in it, following a recent rough time. So, you can watch him hustle, and see how long it takes before he either falls asleep or completes his quest. Good luck!

He’s also put an update on his Twitch profile to raise awareness of and encourage viewers to donate toNAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, as an organisation that tries to help Americans affected by mental health issues.

Original story December 12, 2017: My memory of the South Park World of Warcraft episode is a little hazy, but if I remember correctly, a vicious higher level player keeps outright killing the South Park boys, so to level up, they hide in the woods and kill pigs for hours on end, until they’re strong enough to face their new foe. This is both mind-numbingly tedious and hugely time-consuming for them, and now it can be for you as well! A Reddit user has discoveredexactly how to emulate this unique ‘achievement’ on patch 7.3.5.

If you thought it would be as simple as repeatedly killing boars in the same low-level area, you’d be wrong, as the game eventually caps XP you can earn from low-level monsters. While you can start your pig-killing quest by repeatedly slaughtering Elwynn boars, you’ll eventually have to move over to Duskwood, where you have to kill Blackbelly foragers.

Depending on how the system works, that may take you to level 60, but it’s possible XP will cut off at level 40 instead. If that happens, head to the Blasted Lands to kill Ashmane boars. Again, you might get cut-off at level 58, at which point the final hurdle can be dealt with by killing some Felboars in Hellfire, which should, finally, get you over the threshold. From there, you could also make it to level 80, then head back into the Cataclysm zones and, well, you can probably make it all the way to 110.

It’s worth noting that this is not a fun way of getting to level 60, nor is it efficient, challenging, or, quite honestly, at all useful as a WoW strategy by any measurable metric. Suffice to say, the time it would take to complete this is far, far longer than the amount of time you should spend grinding out low-level NPCs for no meaningful reward whatsoever.

But someone will do it.