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You can get a robot chicken in World of Warcraft this weekend

A super-rare World of Warcraft quests is back online this weekend, and it gives you a chance at something even more: the Vengeful Chicken. This battle pet is a literal robot chicken – no Adult Swim relation, I’m afraid – and there’s no telling when you’ll have another chance to get it. So here are the details on how you can get this mechanical foul into your collection.

The Waycrest Manor: Witchy Kitchen world quest is live for the second time as of today, and will be available through the weekend. It’s a fairly standard dungeon quest, but there’s an extra secret hidden within. When you battle the chefs, they’ll throw a chicken on the ground and roast it. That will spawn the Cutting Edge Poultry Science world quest, which you’ll have to pick up before the chefs die.

As Wowhead reports, that method of acquisition is slightly different than it was the last time this quest was active, so make sure you’re not trying to pick up the quest based on old information. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be directed to Booty Bay where you can speak with Dr. Oglethorpe Obnoticus. He’ll take the half-roasted chicken, add some cybernetics, and send you off with the means to summon Vengeful Chicken.

If all the ridiculousness of cyber chickens is too much for you, there’s still the WoW Classic release date to look forward to. For everyone else, please, save that poor chicken from his fiery fate with the power of science.

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