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Get into World of Warships with instant access to HMS Dreadnought

New players can get off to a storming start in the leading free-to-play ship-based shooter

World of Warships looks like fun, doesn't it? A free-to-play game in which you get to sail around in large smoky gun platforms reverently plucked from military history while blowing up your mates. If you've ever felt like you fancy some of that action but have yet to take the plunge, developer Wargaming has a new Christmas offer just for you.

Sign up for an account through this special promo link – again, it's free – and a generous haul of in-game goodies will be automatically added to your brand new account. These include the iconic British battleship Dreadnought (a tier III premium ship in the game), as well as ten expendable Hunter camouflages, and 14 days of premium account time (granting you various goodies such as more credits and XP per battle).

You'll also get healthy injections of two of World of Warships' special currencies. Doubloons help you progress along the tech tree, unlocking more advanced ships, while credits are used to purchase and repair those ships as well as to kit them out with modules and upgrades. With this offer, you'll get 700 doubloons and a whopping one million credits.

Sounds good, right? This offer is only available to players who don’t yet have an account, so do poke around the World of Warships website to learn more about one of the world’s leading free-to-play action games.

Play for Free

If you’re all set to jump in, just sign up for a free account by following this link to redeem all these goodies and get off to the best possible start in the game. Again, though, this offer is only open to newcomers. It runs until December 31 this year, so be quick – once we ring in 2021, these links will cease to function.