World of Warships now has Transformers, and we’ve got new invite codes

Warships in disguise

If you’re looking for more Autobots and Decepticons, well… you’re going to have a rough time, what with them being in disguise and all. But World of Warships is making the robots quite a bit easier to find with its new Transformers crossover, with unique commanders modeled after the iconic toy lines and a load of themed cosmetics.

The Transformers promotion launched on September 18, and the unique missions and bundles for the crossover last until October 5. You can pick up a full Transformers: Armada bundle with Megatron, Rumble, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee commanders, along with the Freedom Fighter, Gold Bug, Crush’n’Destroy, and Messenger of Oblivion permanent camouflages, and more for $95.80 USD or your regional equivalent. If you’re looking for a smaller Autobots or Decepticons bundles, you can head to the official site for the full list of offers.

You can head here to play World of Warships free, and while you’re digging in, the devs have provided us with a few invite codes to help you get started. Code AUTOBOT will get you a bonus 1,000,000 credits, the Charleston premium ship, a Bumblebee level six crew, and 20 Autobot camos. The DECEPTICON code similarly gets you a bonus 1,000,000 credits, the Aurora premium ship, a Rumble level six crew, and 20 Decepticon camos.

Those codes will be valid until October 5, 2020.

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