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The Royal Navy gets agile and stealthy with ten new cruisers in World of Warships

Royal Navy cruisers on patrol in the hostile waters around London

The threadbare British roster in World of Warships is bolstered today, as a full branch of ten new cruisers are added to the Royal Navy. 

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World of Warships puts a premium on historical authenticity. All ships are taken from the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, when large navies were a symbol of national pride and powerful battleships were at their most relevant.

Hence, in World of Warships’s latest update, aspiring admirals can take command of such real-life vessels as Black Swan, Leander, and Edinburgh. At the top of the cruiser tree sits the Tier X Minotaur, which, according to developer Wargaming, “boasts an amazing fire rate, and her dual-purpose guns provide a superior AA engagement area radius”. The new British cruisers arrive in a trailer replete with period-appropriate jingoism, in which they sail under Tower Bridge before mysteriously firing their guns in the middle of London.

As a whole, the British cruisers are agile and stealthy, with fast-firing guns and torpedos. They are excellent at hunting destroyers, and will suit players who “like to strike hard and fast”.

“The Royal Navy has such a rich history and we’ve had our sights set on including her line in the game for a while,” says Artur Plociennik, World of Warships Global Publishing Producer. “Because we respect its history so much, we wanted to ensure we had every detail down, to create an exceptional player experience.”

The new ships were added in World of Warships’s latest update, 0.5.13, which was applied today. As fans will know, but newcomers may not, World of Warships is free to play, so jump in any time if you’ve always wanted to blow something up with HMS Minotaur.