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World of Warships 0.5.1 update is one of titanic proportions, adds new maps and game mode

World of Warships update

What a time it is to be a virtual naval commander, hurling artillery at unknown assailants across dreamy aquatic theatres of war. As of 5 November in North America and the following day in EU, CIS and Asia when World of Warships’ 0.5.1 update goes live, three new maps will be added to the game, including the first ever night environment. There’s also a new mode, enigmatically titled Zone. Don’t let me get in it, that’s all. 

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Of the three new maps, two are completely bespoke environs and one is a moonlit reimagining of an existing locale. Let’s start with the really new content: Land of Fire draws its inspiration from South America, whereas The Trap takes its leads from historic battles between the U.S. and Japanese naval fleets, and features an active volcano.

Then there’s Northern Lights, a “reimagining of a once-familiar locale, doused in darkness and the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis,” according to the update’s presser.

The new game mode, Zone, is a bit like COD’s Hardpoint with sea legs. Two opposing teams battle for control of one enormous base in the middle of a map, but that base can only actually be captured in the last two minutes. It’s all about building momentum and positioning yourself perfectly to seize the advantage in the dying seconds, then.

“With Zone,” the press release continues, “players will have to reevaluate their old tactics and techniques, trading off the vulnerability of open waters for glory.”

The 0.5.1 update also adds “additions and enhancements” to the game’s events, challenges, missions and daily missions, alongside changed to ranked battle rewards.

Upon winning a ranked battle, you’ll now recieve flags to trick out your ship with. If you’re just starting out and are particularly envious of high-ranked players and their flags, there are new introductory missions, complete with a tutorial, to “help commanders develop their tactical skills and strengthen their grasp of the game.”