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Boaty le BoatFace: World of Warships gets French cruisers

World of Warships French

French cruisers have, erm, cruised onto World of Warships today, adding both more warships and more world to a game that likes both of those things. Ahem. It’s not just a couple of murderboats, either – there are ten French warships in total, in fact. A boatload. 

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“French cruisers offer numerous tactical options and have tremendous potential to set the tone in combat thanks to outstanding fighting qualities and exclusive consumables,” said Artur Plociennik, World of Warships executive producer.

“You can swiftly change your position, shine in short-range torpedo exchanges, and turn the table on destroyers. With French cruisers, you’re the hunter.”

These ships boast powerful artillery, unrivalled maneuverability, and tactical versatility. They’re speedy all-rounders that are most deadly at range. That speed is only bolstered by a new engine boost consumable, for when you really need to get ahead.

They’re not just fast either. Their anti-torpedo bulkheads can take a pounding, and when they are forced to go in close, they can respond with their own volley of torps.

The French branch opens with the Bougainville, a sub-type cruiser previously unseen in World of Warships. You can check the rest out for yourself in-game now, as the update released today.