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World of Tanks is coming to Xbox 360; won’t connect cross-platform with PC


World of Tanks has followed up a new Metal Gear Solid in the opening salvo of Microsoft’s E3 conference. The game will be free to download on the Xbox 360 before the end of the summer – but won’t be rigged for cross-platform play with the game’s 60 million-strong existing PC community.

World of Tanks for the 360 has been in development at Wargaming’s new Chicago studio, Wargaming West.

“We have delivered a global hit on the PC and are now bringing this to Xbox 360,” said Wargaming CEO Victor Kisly. “When we thought about which console platform delivers the best World of Tanks experience, Xbox 360 and the 40 million member Xbox Live community were the perfect match.

“We have worked hard to adapt and tailor the World of Tanks experience for Xbox 360 – from deep integration with Xbox Live, to tuning specifically for the Xbox 360 controller.”

Polygon report that the new version won’t be connected to its PC sibling. Wargaming West apparently see the console’s userbase as entirely seperate, and have therefore made no effort to link the two.

No word on whether that controller compatability will make it back to the PC. But let’s hope so, eh?

Here’s the tank-tastic trailer: