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Ding: World of Warcraft player hits level 90 on his neutral Pandaren

Doubleagent Pandaren Shaman

He’s done it: Doubleagent has hit level 90 on his Pandaren Shaman. This isn’t your normal player, as this Pandaren has still yet to choose a faction, resulting in him being neutral. Being stuck on his starter island, the only way he could level was via gathering: mining and herbalism.

After 4164 hours his goal is complete, but this isn’t the end as Doubleagent “intends to level to 100 come the next expansion”.

His challenge started back in September 2012 after a friend made him a bet. “Thought about doing this when I heard about Pandaren being neutral until level 10.” said Doubleagent. “Knowing that herbalism and mining nodes gave experience, I figured if the zone had any of them it would probably be possible to level higher than intended. And when I did finally start, one of my friends thought I’d reach some kind of cap on the isle and that I wouldn’t reach 90… So it kind of encouraged me to continue even more so than before.”

After exhausting all the quests and other practical ways of earning experience, his only option was to harvest gathering nodes. “Starting at around level 29 or so the experience for these nodes stay the same all the way to 90.” explained Doubleagent. “Peacebloom, Silverleaf, Copper – 20 experience, Earthroot – 30 experience. Of course if you’re not rested the experience value is half of that. But once I got to the higher levels, running out of rested experience wasn’t an issue.”

When you factor in that later levels require millions of experience just to level up, the amount of time it took – which was over 170 days of in-game time – is of no surprise.

Here’s the video of Doubleagent hitting this epic milestone:

So what’s next? “I won’t be picking a faction.” assured Doubleagent. “I do intend to level to 100 come the next expansion. If for some reason I cannot level any higher, I will park Doubleagent there forever at 90.”