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Explore the lovely community-made islands of Worlds Adrift and build your own for free

Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift looks more lovely every time I see it. An MMO set in a Skies of Arcadia-inspired world among the clouds, Worlds Adrift will have you building an airship and sailing through the skies, stopping of at its infinite isles to hunt for supplies. This new trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the visual variety we can expect from this endless expanse. 

We don't know when Worlds Adrift will be out, but you can play our list of PC's best MMORPGs while you're waiting. 

While you might think of exploring this physics-based sandbox in practical terms - the hunt for ship parts, gear, etc - there's also a story to uncover as you search. Perhaps you'll stumble upon the remnants of civilisation from before the event that saw the world shattered and splintered into the clouds. 

The islands in the new trailer look impressive, with huge stone statues, deep caverns and green pastures all on show, but, remarkably, they weren't even created by Bossa Studios. These islands were built by the community, using the game's Island Creator tool. Have a watch below:

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Many of these community-made islands will even make it into the final game, with the tool available to download for free on Steam now. 

Even if you don't fancy building anything, you can use the tool to vote on the best islands, and you can even get a taste of the final game by exploring and swinging your way around any of the creations. 

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

You threw out a really big name, there, Kirk. I try not to get my hopes up when someone does that, because I'm always disappointed. But just this once... this actually looks pretty rad! It's like it's realising the promise of Everquest Next but in a more interesting world.

I'm not sure what the actual game will be like, at the end of the day, but for now this footage is really pretty and promising. It's something I've put on my radar. If this is Ultima Online (after a fashion) by way of Skies, then that's going to be really interesting.

Every now and then, something comes along that reinvigorates my interest in MMOs. Dungeons & Draogns Online, Champions Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, and perhaps... at some point in the future? Maybe this, too.

What would be really nifty in a system like this is if the players were allowed to script. That's really super important. Why? It would lead to systems of puzzles and traps, possibly even a riddle dungeon. Riddle dungeons are so incredibly rare! Grimrock had one, Landstalker did, and uh... I'm sure there are others I've forgotten. In fact, I know there are, they're on the tip of my tongue... Thing is, though? They're rare.

They're so rare that I actually had the urge to create one when I was an administrator on a small Ultima Online private server in what seems almost like another life ago. I had a suit of armour that would 'awaken' and ask people a riddle, if they got it wrong they'd have to fight it and get worse loot.

I miss puzzles like that in games. Puzzle dungeons especially. And proper brain-teasers, too, somewhere closer to Myst than sokoban (sorry Zelda). I remember when Broken Sword turned into Everything is Sokoban. Not a whole lot of fun. Really though, I hope it does have puzzles because I could use another co-op and character-focused puzzler, another Uru or Portal 2 in my life.

Anyway, looks neat!