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PlaySpan security breach affects players of World of Tanks


The virtual market system PlaySpan has been hacked and the perpetrators have leaked over two million account details online. PlaySpan software is used in over 1,000 games as an easy method for developers to create a real money storefront without the hassle of creating designing their own secure banking system. One notable example is Wargaming’s World of Tanks. If you’ve bought anything in World of Tanks and you used the same password when creating a PlaySpan account (part of the process when making a purchase) then go and change it now.

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Wargaming issued a statement on their site separating the issue further:

“If your Playspan account email is different from your World of Tanks email, then you donotneed to change your game account information, as our internal game data was not compromised.If you have used Playspan in the past, and you used the same email for your World of Tanks account, we recommend you change your email. If you need to change your email, please send in a ticket to our World of Tankssupport, filed under Accounts.”

ArenaNet tweeted that theyare “checking into it now”, though similar to Wargaming’s advice, if you’ve created a PlaySpan account it’s likely worth changing your password.

UPDATE: ArenaNet has tweeted that it “does not use PlaySpan for its micro-transaction services in Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2”

PlaySpan have told Develop that there’s no evidence of card details being stolen, and that the hackers only had access to personaly email addresses, encrypted passwords, and user IDs. They also said “When PlaySpan detected the breach, we immediately shut down the hacker’s access to our systems and took steps to protect our customers’ PlaySpan accounts. We then commenced a comprehensive forensic analysis and are working with law enforcement to investigate the crime. As a precaution, we have already locked all user accounts and closed the PlaySpan Marketplace site.”

Their site is indeed locked, saying “The PlaySpan corporate site is undergoing system maintenance.”

Develop also report that EVE players could be affected by this breach but CCP have denied this.

Again, though, if you have used the same password for a PlaySpan account as an account in any other game, you should change it now.