World of Tanks 8.0 releases; you can practically feel the internet thrum with all the new tanky goodness


Bringing prettier lighting, newly built maps, and a physics engine upgrade to match, World of Tanks 8.0 is upon us like a panzer at its first dance – in your face and demanding your attention. No more hum drum-vee, Wargaming have given us the keys to the fun-vee.

Full details after the break.

If it were all about the size of a tanks engine then I might just paste the full patch notes, because they arelong.

Instead,behold the cuttings!

  • Added new Soviet TD line: SU-100М-1, SU-101 (Uralmash-1), SU-122-54, Object 263
  • British Premium Tank Matilda Black Prince added to the in-game shop
  • Changed physics modeling of tank movement. Vehicles can now ‘jump’ from edges, drown in water, push enemies and allied vehicles and so on.
  • Added first iteration of new renders (which can be activated using “improved graphics” in settings), which provides much better picture.
  • Following maps reworked for new renders and lighting:
    • Himmelsdorf, Mines, Karelia, Lakeville, Sand River, Fjords, Mountain Pass, Arctic Region, Westfield
  • Added radial menu for quick commands
  • Fixed a rare bug involving 2 vehicles making an instantaneous turn after a long turning whilst colliding on the sides.

The changes list really is vast and if you’re wanting to know the nitty gritty of every weapon change it’s worth a read. There are almost no tanks left unchanged, eitherthemselvesbeing tweaked or the weapon they’re employing.

The update is live across all servers, so the next time you log in you’ll be asked to install it.

Happy hunting.