World of Tanks 8.10 update will augment Japanese armour, introduce “major overhaul” to lighting


During World War II, tanks like the Type 95 Ha-Gō were seen only on the Pacific Front. But in’s flagship game, Japanese tanks meet Russian tracked guns meet British armour in impossible deathmatches – an unfeasible tribute to the 20th century’s most memorable machines.

At the even hazier edge of the game’s heavy metal fantasy are the prototypes: the tanks that were never fielded. For update 8.10, welcome the Type 5 Ke-Ho and friends.

The Ke-Ho was ready for battle in 1945 – too late to play a part in the war in the Pacific. But it’ll join World of Tanks as part of a new Japanese tech tree.

14 Japanese tanks will be added in total, included four light tanks and nine medium machines, topped by the STB-1.

“Our goal with World of Tanks has always been to maintain the gameplay depth through regular updates,” said producer Mike Zhivets of the upcoming update. “8.10 will bring a massive addition of new tanks, and we can’t wait for both our current and new players to get their hands on them.”

Elsewhere, the game will benefit from a “major” refitting of its lighting system, designed to offer more realistic shadows. reckon it’ll offer a “more immersive” experience. But what’s the bigger news for you? The improved ambience or the greater selection of oversized, mobile guns?