World of Tanks 8.3 update teaser trailer brings the noise and that noise is dubstep


There is one positive to snow, it’s nature’s detective handicap. You may be like me in that I don’t have the superhuman skills of logic displayed by Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, yet once its been snowing you’re provided with all manner of blatant evidence trails to decipher. Whether it be ascertaining that there’s ice ahead by the outline of someone’s rear in the snow before you, or divining that a migrating group of drunks were present not long before from the words ‘Smeg LOL’ written on a car windscreen. 

Though looking out at the snow from my window I can work out that while I was sleeping this morning something larger came through here, I’m not looking at footsteps, they’re too indistinct and shaky for that, no I’m looking at dub steps. The dub steps of a World of Tanks trailer if I’m not mistaken.

I was not mistaken.

Paul went hands-on with the new Chinese tanks coming the 8.3 update earlier this weekand hisreports are promising “Even the light tanks still pack a punch and just about everything is quick on the reload. While you might not one-shot your enemies very often, you’ll more than make up for this by firing more shells in less time. Trying out the tier five T-34, a medium tank that’s another Chinese interpretation of a Soviet classic, I found I was both driving faster and firing faster than my rivals. What I couldn’t provide in serious damage I could more than make up for in rate of fire.”

While we don’t yet have a release date for the 8.3 update, we know it will come with 18 new tanks and a number of changes to the game client as a whole.