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World of Tanks heads to China for WCG finals


After the North American finals were held last month at the New York Comic Con, the Grand Finals of the World Cyber Games will see World of Tanks played in Kunshan, in China, with teams competing for a relatively modest prize pool of $49,000.

First place winners will take home $28,000, while the runners up will claim $14,000 and the remaining $7,000 will go to the team that finishes third. The tournament format will be games of 7v7 and the maps these teams will go to war on will include Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg and Steppes. Naturally, the WCG will be streaming the games online for the world to watch.

Wargaming have published a list of those attending on their World of Tanks website, but there seem to be a few errors in there as they’ve omitted the name of the Korean team and listed The Red: RUSH twice, as both Ukranian and Russian. Are these two separate teams who are part of the same greater clan structure? We’re not yet sure, though if anyone can clarify by translating their official website, we’d be most grateful.