World of Tanks musters 60 million registered players


Wargaming have more friends than you and I, and have issued a press release designed to rub that fact into our unpopular faces like a boastful gel. In the two-and-a-half years since its initial, Russian-only release, World of Tanks has garnered some 60 million registered accounts.

‘Registered players’ is an iffy metric for success, though its attraction is clear – it yields much higher numbers than ‘concurrent players’ or ‘players active over an arbitrary period’. Still: 60 million people to date have either played or seriously thought about playing World of Tanks. And that is a phenomenally, unfathomably large number.

This new video, directed and soundtracked like something out of a ‘90s C&C game but released today, should help elucidate the attraction of tracked vehicles to so much of the world. It ends with a battles that doesn’t evoke the Battle of the Bulge so much as Lord of the Rings:

Incidentally, World of Tanks will have a booth at E3, which Wargaming boast will be a “spacious” 10,000 square feet. We don’t know if they’re there to announce anything, but keep those lovely ears of yours piqued just in case, eh?