World of Tanks offers one day premium account, plus Valentine tanks for Valentine’s Day


For one day only, World of Tanks is offering a promotional code that will give every player a premium account for 24 hours, entitling them to earn 50% more XP and credits every time they take to the battlefield. The code will work for both both the European and stateside servers and if you don’t want to use it right now (perhaps you’d rather wait for the weekend?) then don’t worry, the code expires on March 1st.

That’s not all that Wargaming are
doing to celebrate Kissing Day. Click through for both the code and also the lowdown on all the other Valentine’s Day specials.

First of all, that bonus code is ANTHEM, written in capitals. Enter it as a bonus code in your account section on the game’s website (and be sure to visit the right site for the servers you play on).

Even if you don’t use the premium account, you’ll be able to earn
triple experience for each tank’s first victory, up until 05:00 GMT on
February 16 if you’re an EU player, or 03:00 PST on February 15 if
you’re playing on US servers. Anyone who obtains the Sniper achievement badge during this time also earns themselves an extra 550 experience points.

There’s also a special offer running on
the game’s two Valentine tanks, which are both 70% cheaper, and a few
other things happening. Click through for details.

Both Valentines are Tier 4 tanks. The British Valentine can be earned in game, usually by spending 120,000 credits, though with a 70% discount that’s just 36,000. The Russian version, based on the lend-lease vehicles shipped over during the war, is a premium tank and usually costs 1,000 gold, but is now just 300. Although they both sit in the same tier, there’s quite a difference between them. Both have acceptable armour, but the British Valentine is slower, a little weaker and sports a much better gun.

Should you buy a British Valentine, or if you already own one, you’ll find you’re receiving a 100% boost to your credit earnings.

Oh, before you go: You may also have spotted this Valentine’s Day gift shop offer on the US site, which will give you 500,000 credits, 2,500 gold and seven chocolate consumables. Don’t go for it, it’s not a good deal and you’d be better off just buying gold and earning credits, as the Tankonomics guide advises.