World of Tanks patch 8.4 is out now; trailer shows Free Willy-esque tank jump


Gravity’s harsh laws restrict us from leaping from tree to distant tree, leaving for work via a deft drop from the eighth floor window, or easily throwing washing machines around in the garden for sport, but it consider the meek tank destroyer: usually the poor creature cannot even lift one tread higher than the other, so bound to earth is it by mean old gravity.

That’s not the case in Wargaming’s latest trailer.

A trailer that also shows off the newly overhauled maps, ten new tank destroyers, and the good time the two can have together.

Finally a tank that can leap free like it has always wished to.

We’ve covered the contents of the 8.4 update in detail before so I’ll give you a brief summary of the update:

  • Ten new British tank destroyers.
  • Four maps have been given the overhaul treatment: Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk and Live Oak.
  • Three new German light tanks.
  • One new Soviet tank destroyer.
  • A new player tutorial.