World of Tanks roundup: US gift shop packages, Hunt Us Down returns to EU servers


Four gift packages have been made available for players on US servers and, once again, I’ve taken out my calculator to work out which of these stretch your money the furthest. BUT! Before we get into all that cash talk, players using the European servers might like to know that Hunt Us Down has returned. Wargaming’s own tanks will be trundling around battlefields at all tiers and, should you bag one, you’ll win yourself 500 gold. Look out for any tanks that are members of the HUD1 clan between now and 05:30 GMT on January 12.

Naturally, you don’t win that money if they appear on your own side and you teamkill them. That’s not only poor form, it’s likely to get you banned, you monster.

Before I get onto those package deals, if you have a few minutes to spare then you might want to read the latest installment from the memoirs of Trooper Leslie Dinning, which Wargaming have been publishing over on their European site. It’s a (sobering) window to the past and a chance to read about a veteran’s real-life experience in the Royal Tank Regiment.

These special tank packages will be available to US players until 06:00 GMT (22:00 PST) on January 10, so you have a little time to think about what you might want to grab.

  • The French Bundle ($9.49) offers the FCM36 PaK40, a pretty deadly premium Tier III French tank destroyer worth 850 gold, a garage slot for it that’s usually worth 300 gold, a three day Premium Account worth 650 gold and four Strong Coffee consumables, worth 50 gold each. That makes a grand total of 2,000 gold, or 210 gold per dollar.
  • The American Bundle ($20.69) features the M22 Locust, a fast premium Tier III light tank that usually costs 900 gold, a garage slot to put it in, a three day Premium Account and three cases of cola, worth 50 gold each. It also includes 2,500 gold to spend as you see fit. In total, that’s 4,500 gold, or 217 gold per dollar.
  • The Quick Pick-me-up Bundle ($20.89) is 1,500,000 credits and a three day premium account. Usually you can expect to exchange one gold for 400 credits, so that’s the equivalent of spending 3,750 gold on the in-game currency. In total, this package works out as 4,400 gold, or 210 gold per dollar.
  • Finally, there’s the Gold Bundle ($28.49), which comes with 5,000 gold, a seven day Premium Account, usually valued at 1,250, three Large Repair Kits and three Large First Aid kits, worth another 300 gold in total. The entire package is equivalent to 6,550 gold, working out as 230 gold per dollar.

This time round, the most expensive package is definitely the best value and there’s nothing to stop you from using all that that gold to then go on and buy premium tanks and garage slots anyway. I’d advise against buying the Pick-me-up Bundle, or any credit bundles, not only because it’s not such good value, but also because there’s much less you can actually do with plain old credits. If you’re on a budget, go for the French Bundle, because the PaK40 is a dangerous little thing with a decent rate of fire and a pretty deadly weapon for Tier III.

All Premium Accounts are valuable in proportion to how much you play, since they’ll boost both your credit and experience earnings for a very limited period of time, and don’t forget that premium tanks are nice little earners that, because they don’t need to be upgraded themselves, will instead contribute credits and a small amount of their experience for use on other tanks.