World of Tanks Tier 10 Medium Tanks and Tank Destroyers announced


Wargaming have announced that World of tanks is going to have its roster swelled with a whole slew of new tanks, filling out Tier 10 with new Medium Tanks and Tank Destroyers for pretty much every nation. Now you can blow people up from really, really far away with something obscenely expensive. I love tanks. Here are some new tanks.

Russia is getting the T-62A, a tank still in use during the Cold War. Or not in use. Sitting patiently in the garage waiting for an excuse to belch angry shells in the direction of Americans. Wargaming are giving it the chance. The USSR is also getting “Object 268”, an ominously named Tank Destroyer that looks to have more in common with a snow plow than a tank, and was abandoned when it proved a bit crap against M-60 Pattons. But maybe it’ll do better against the rest.
Germany gets the E-50 Ausf M (above), which is apparently fine with getting wet. That’s their new Tier 10 Medium, and they’re also having the JagdPz E-100, which I’ve been on the receiving end of more than once in Men of War Assault Squad, and is a bloody nightmare if all you’ve got left is a few dudes with anti tank grenades. It’s probably not much fun if you’re in a tank, either.
The M48A1 (better named as a Patton III) is America’s new medium tank, fitted out with lovely 90mm M41s and beastly 106mm M68 cannons. And they’re getting two tank destroyers, firstly the T110E4, which actually has a rotating turret, albeit only 180 degrees. Still, that’s going to mean it’s much easier to punch big holes in moving targets. There’s also the T110E3, which has the same 155mm AT Gun T7, just its version doesn’t get to move about. So it’s clearly not as good.
By far the most interesting change to all of this is how it’s affecting French tanks, which are being largely reworked, especially light and medium tanks, all of which, starting from the AMX 12t, will be shoved up a tier. That means that the current Tier 9 is now Tier 10, leaving a gap in Tier 5. Which is filled by the new ELC AMX, which is a cute little number able to mount up to 90mm D914 guns.
That means the Bat Chatillion 25t, previously Tier 9, is now the shiny new Tier 10, and is improved so that it can have anything up to a 105mm CN-105-57 shoved onto its head. And then there’s the TD AMX 50 Foch, their new Tank Destroyer, which features a fancy Cassette Loader, allowing it to have three shells in the drum, letting it fire much faster than pretty much everything on the battlefield. It also has a pretty ridiculous gun mounted on top of it.
All of this is subject to change, depending on how woefully unbalanced it is, but that’s your lot, and they’re detailed a little more on the World of Tanks page, complete with pictures, over here.