World of Tanks tournaments to commemorate 15 years of in the coming weeks


In 2010, Wargaming opened a portal to this strange world in which there are tanks, and only tanks (Who refuels the tanks? Do they refuel each other? How do they pour the jerry cans with their single, static limbs?). But the company had been knocking about for a good decade or so before then, building games with words like ‘MASSIVE’, ‘WAR’ and ‘ASSAULT’ in their nondescript titles. To celebrate their latest anniversary, they’re going to hold an international tournament.

The event will play out across Europe, North America, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, China and Vietnam, and the best tanksmen and women from each region will be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to Minsk, Belarus, where Wargaming are.

The 7v7 matches will begin sometime before the end of May, and finish with a series of bangs at the end of June. Players who place second and third in each territory will take home “massive” amounts of Gold, World of Tanks’ paid-for in-game currency.

“This is a great opportunity for teams around the globe to show their peers and prove they have what it takes to really be the best at World of Tanks,” said Wargaming’s eSports man, Alexey Kuznetsov. “We’re extremely excited to welcome the winning teams to Belarus and give them a closer look at how their favorite game is made.”

Will you be joining in the many-gunned, month-long salute to the developers’ old age?