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World of Tanks version 8.6 coming tomorrow


BOOM! That’s Wargaming firing version 8.6 of it’s tank brawler, World of Tanks. Inside is a new map, Sacred Valley and a new British heavy tank: Excelsior. There’s also been a bit of SPG (fancy word for tank) balancing to make random battles more “harmonious in terms of vehicle type distribution”.

Sacred Valley is set in a tranquil Asian autumn map, which is a shame as it’s about to be torn apart by tank tracks. Open areas are dead zones thanks to enemy artillery, but you can use the many hills and passages to set up sneaky ambushes.

The new Tier V British Premium Heavy Tank, Excelsior, is a jack of all trades but a master of none. It has an adequate amount of frontal and turret armour with a decent turning and firing rate. It lacks top speed, but acceleration is on par with other tanks of its class. It also has a nifty feature of being able to train the crews of other British heavy tanks. Neat.

There’s also a bunch more new SPG’s:

Soviet: SU-122A (Tier V), SU-14-1 (Tier VII)

German: G.Pz. Mk. (e) (Tier II), Pz.Sfl. IVb (Tier IV), G.W. Tiger (p) (Tier VIII)

American: M44 (Tier VI), M35/M55 (Tier IX)

French: AMX 105 AM mle.47 (Tier IV), Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 (Tier IX)

Why can’t all tank names be like American tanks, eh?